More proof that most folks don’t get Twitter

More proof that most folks don't understand Twitter


Reality Check is another comic strip that went for the stereotype of what Twitter is. I guess it wouldn’t be funny to talk about how it can build community and how I’ve gained some wonderful friends through Twitter. Though, by continuing to give non-users the idea that this is what Twitter is about, maybe the comic strip artists are actually helping to keep the signal-to-noise ratio down. Even if they aren’t, the non-believers don’t realize the most powerful part of Twitter — the ability to stop following someone.

Mike Rowe celebrates dirty jobs


I actually did de-tail and castrate lambs with rubber bands when I was in Australia on an International 4-H Youth Exchange program in 1987. And the lambs didn’t react the way Mike Rowe describes in this wonderful ode to work and “dirty jobs.” I think the sheep rancher may have put them on incorrectly on purpose to make “better television.”

What happened?!?

In 1974, when I was in the 6th grade, then President Ford came to tiny Melvin, Illinois to give a speech in honor of Les Arends, member of the U.S. House of Representatives for 40 years. The only place that could host the President’s speech was the Ford County Fairgrounds grandstand that usually was the location for fair queen pageants and demolition derbies.

Somewhere in a shoebox, I have a very blurry photo of President Ford’s limo entering the fairgrounds. Even though it was a week day, the schools in the county were closed so we could go hear the president speak and honor Les Arends. And even though Ford County (and much of downstate Illinois) is very Republican, this was a time in US history when we were recovering from the Watergate scandal and President Nixon’s resignation.

Ford had just pardoned Nixon. And Les Arends had defended Nixon all through the Watergate investigations and beyond. Voters were wondering about the actions of both Ford and Arends.

And yet, my sixth grade teacher urged us to go see the President speak that day. I remember her saying, “Even if you don’t agree with his views or actions, you should go see him. He is still our President after all.”

When President Obama wants to speak to the school children of this country about working hard and staying in school, the far right acts like he’s going to give a recruitment speech for Communist party. Parents plan to keep their kids home from school. Many schools are deciding not to even show the speech. We now live in a country where ministers are telling their congregations to pray for Obama’s death.

So what happened to the “He is still our President after all” concept? Well, I can tell you one thing that happened. We became the country where whoever shouts longest and loudest wins. And where did that come from? Talk radio.

Believe me, I know from whence I speak. I produced and sometimes co-hosted a call-in talk radio show in Terre Haute, Indiana in the late 1980s. After that, I began doing research on talk radio for my graduate work. The early 1990s is when the shift in talk radio began to really start. It was when Rush Limbaugh and others began to take hold. And Howard Stern added to the on-air yelling.

This was also the time when Clear Channel began to emerge. The FCC rules used to be that any one company could only own one AM, one FM and one television station in any one market. This insured multiple voices and points of view on the air waves. The loss of this rule and the closely related Fairness Doctrine meant the loss of multiple voices and points of view.

The loudest and longest yelling few are now dictating the actions of the many in this country. It’s time for the many to politely speak up and firmly say to the yellers, “He is still our President after all.”

Making the move to Posterous

Ever since I started reading about Andy Ihnatko (internationally beloved technology pundit) starting a new blog on Posterous, I’ve been intrigued with the idea. Then, when I read his review of Posterous in his Chicago Sun-Times column, I had to try it out. While our Cincinnati beer blog is active, my personal blog RadioCarla hasn’t been updated since 2008. Plus, I wasn’t really feeling the love for Blogger, especially when uploading a post meant attempting to do so 10+ times. It was Andy’s final paragraph that finally sold me on making the switch:

Years of building and maintaining my WordPress blog have resulted in my learning a lot about WordPress and getting a lot of grease under my fingernails. Weeks of using Posterous has resulted in a media-rich blog with several posts per week. Tell me which service is more powerful.

There have been very times lately when I was out and thought of something I wanted to blog about. Although Blogger has an email to post alternative, again I wasn’t feeling the love. So I made the jump to Posterous and even grabbed the domain I’ve been wanting for a while now. I hope to be posting more frequently now and maybe finally fine tune why this blog really exists. Who knows? The best is yet to come!

— Carla

Dan Patrick leaving ESPN

When I first heard this news, my initial reaction was “NO!!! Say it isn’t so!” The 2:00 pm hour of “The Dan Patrick Show” which is nicknamed “The Big Show” is easily the best hour of radio each day hands down. When Dan reconnects with his former “Sports Center” partner Keith Olbermann, the airwaves practically sizzle. I try to listen to DP whenever I can, but I never miss the podcast of “The Big Show”. I’ll only be able to do that until August 17th when Dan signs off.

There’s no official word what Dan Patrick will be doing when he cuts ties with ESPN. I’m not even going to mention the ridiculous ones, but I do want to talk about the one I hope is true. As someone wise pointed out, Don Imus really hasn’t been replaced. That would be amazing! Especially if his radio show was also simulcast on MSNBC like Imus. I mean, make the 9 am hour “The Big Show” replacement and then KO starts his work day there and wraps it with “Countdown“. Sweet! What a great way to bookend the day!


Crossing my fingers…