Dan Patrick leaving ESPN

When I first heard this news, my initial reaction was “NO!!! Say it isn’t so!” The 2:00 pm hour of “The Dan Patrick Show” which is nicknamed “The Big Show” is easily the best hour of radio each day hands down. When Dan reconnects with his former “Sports Center” partner Keith Olbermann, the airwaves practically sizzle. I try to listen to DP whenever I can, but I never miss the podcast of “The Big Show”. I’ll only be able to do that until August 17th when Dan signs off.

There’s no official word what Dan Patrick will be doing when he cuts ties with ESPN. I’m not even going to mention the ridiculous ones, but I do want to talk about the one I hope is true. As someone wise pointed out, Don Imus really hasn’t been replaced. That would be amazing! Especially if his radio show was also simulcast on MSNBC like Imus. I mean, make the 9 am hour “The Big Show” replacement and then KO starts his work day there and wraps it with “Countdown“. Sweet! What a great way to bookend the day!


Crossing my fingers…