As you can see in the post I wrote when I re-launched this blog, I’m into things like Disney (especially Disney travel), technology, craft beer, theater, social media, teaching, tasty food and more.

As a conscientious blogger, I always disclose in posts when I have either been invited to an event or establishment or have been sent a product for review as a result of blogger outreach.

Brands, product marketers, public relations and social media specialists can contact me at radiocarla@yahoo.com to partner on a project or invite me to an event. My about page might help you decide if my blog and interests are the right target for your audience.

Anything you buy from Amazon after clicking a link from this site will, as the wonderful tech writer Andy Ihnatko puts it, “result in my receiving a small kickback in the form of store credits, which I will then spend on silly and wonderful things.”

The links for the social media networks that I am most active on are in the lower right hand corner of each page.

In addition to RadioCarla.com, I also co-own Hoperatives.com, a beer blog/informational web site that focuses on beer news and events in the Cincinnati area. Contact both@hoperatives.com for more information on working with that blog or check out our Disclosure page there.