Fat Person’s Clothes Dilemma

It’s August and it’s back to school time, even for college instructors like me. And, since my classes start in just a week, even I am thinking about whether I need some new clothes for the school year. But clothes shopping always leads to what I call the “Fat Person’s Clothes Dilemma” or FPCD.

First of all, understand that it is a rare person who is happy with his or her body when he or she is overweight. There’s always the next diet or the next workout plan hovering in your future and that will change everything (supposedly). But that uncertain future leads to unrealistic expectations related to future weight loss and what clothes sizes you can wear in the future. That thinking, in turn, leads to FPCD, i.e. “I’m going to lose weight so I should wait and buy new clothes then.”

Right now, I’m suffering from some of the worst FPCD I’ve ever had. I know I need to get some clothes that fit me better and generally look better than what I’m currently wearing. But I hate to shop as it is and the thought of shopping at my current weight makes me want to scream. Loud.

It doesn’t help that the clothes in women’s sizes seem to be made for short people. Short people who like sweatshirts with cat appliqués on them.

So, tomorrow, I’m going to try to find some new clothes. I can’t buy pants off the rack because my legs are so long, but I can try to pull together some pieces. At this point, I’m thinking tops and maybe some crop pants.

But I could use some help. What are some good pieces I should look for? I tend to wear neutral solids with one brightly colored or patterned item like a t-shirt or maybe a scarf. Should I be trying something else? Current plans are to start at Target, then jcpenney and finally Dillard’s.

God help me.

— Carla

4 Replies to “Fat Person’s Clothes Dilemma”

  1. I totally agree! Clothes shopping gives me hives. I have the same problem – being tall and being outside the standard store sizes. I have found the most flattering and comfortable outfit to be a dress with leggings underneath. I wasn’t a “dress person” at all until I tried this out and found it to be perfect. Now I don’t own any pants other than my jeans. It can be casual or dressy – summer or winter. I’m also a fan of the long sweater look with a tank or tee underneath – looks nice with fitted pants or jeans. Just a few ideas…

  2. I feel and have felt your pain (minus the long legs) for a long time. Recently, my girls have gotten me to watch more shows about fashion that I would have ever watched on my own. “What Not to Wear,” “Project Runway,” and even “Say Yes to the Dress” have all helped me figure out what looks good on someone with my proportions … which are very disproportionate. I’ve learned that loose and baggy only makes you look older and frumpy. Don’t be afraid to show your curves with clothes that cling (a little — too much is still too much), and beware of crop pants or capris. Even with long legs…they make your legs look shorter and tend to emphasize the wrong part of your calf. With long legs, you want to highlight those puppies. And, yes, go for color! (again, too much is too much) but pops of color that flatter your eyes or skin tone work well.

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