It’s Not Too Late to Give to the 2014 ArtsWave Campaign

For the last couple of months, I’ve been blogging from time to time about ArtsWave and what it means to the Cincinnati area community. On April 22nd, they will be wrapping up their 2014 Community Campaign. As you can see in the message I received from them yesterday, they are very close to their goal. So they’re asking if you and I can give just $10 more. $10… that’s less than two craft beers at your favorite better beer location. Less than two glasses of wine too. I just gave $10 more. How about joining me in that $10 gift?

— Carla

In just six days, ArtsWave will announce the results of the 2014 Community Campaign.

Here’s some insider information… we are SO CLOSE to our goal of $12 million. Thanks to friends like you, we are almost there – the biggest campaign we’ve ever had.

BUT… we’re not there yet. And we need one last effort by everyone to make it.

We know many of you have already made your gift – THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Would you consider giving just $10 more? And asking 10 people to give $10 too? Your actions could create a wave of giving at the last moment that makes all the difference.

If everyone receiving this message gives just $10 more, we’ll make our goal. The beauty of this community campaign has always been that it is made up of tens of thousands of people – just like you – giving what they can to make our community an amazing place to live.

Your extra $10 helps connect neighbors at their local arts centers. $100 from ten of your friends brings arts into schools to help students succeed. It all adds up to $12 million invested in more than 100 arts organizations across the Greater Cincinnati region.

To sweeten the deal, if you give online between now and Monday, April 21st at Noon, you’ll be entered into a raffle drawing for either 2 tickets to the Cincinnati Ballet OR 4 tickets to a Cincinnati Symphony Lollipops Concert.

Please, if you believe in the impact of the arts in our community, click here to give $10 today. And then, please forward this email to 10 people and ask them to join you.

Thanks for believing in the power of the arts to change our community.


Your Determined Wave-Catchers and Friends at ArtsWave