Meow Meow Monday: Bock

When Tom and I decided to really take the plunge and get cats, we had already been talking about names for a while. We knew we wanted two cats so they each would have a buddy and we knew they would be named Bock and Saison. Then the kittens we ended up being all black and black & white. Change of plans! They became Bock and Porter.

Solid black, Bock was always Bock. Affectionate, silly, both unpredictable and predictable. He loved to chase after the Beersaver bottle cap when I threw for him and he loved sleeping next to Tom at night. Weighing over 13.5 pounds, he looked like a small panther as his lean body moved across the floor.

Bock Close Up

We lost Bock suddenly to a blood clot caused by impossible to diagnose feline heart disease. One minute, he was fine. The next, he couldn’t move his rear legs. We rushed him to the vet’s office, but there was nothing they could do. The really odd thing was that Porter had been diagnosed with a heart murmur last fall. But, Bock? We thought Bock was healthy as the small horse he was built like.

Even though he has been gone almost three months now, Bock’s still an important part of our lives. And you can count on seeing more of Bock here on my Meow Meow Monday posts.