Meow Meow Monday: Meet Porter

Time for a new feature – Meow Meow Monday! In this first installment, you get to meet Porter.

Back in August of 2012, we adopted two male kittens. They were born a week apart, but never really knew life without the other one in it. Being the better beer fans we are, we named them after beer styles: Bock and Porter. And we call our house Beer Cats Manor (yes, they have their own Facebook fan page).

Porter is the slightly younger and smaller of the two. To paraphrase the line from “Star Wars”, the adorable is strong with this one. He’s almost a tuxedo cat and he’s so cute. Especially when he’s sleeping.

Porter of Beer Cats Manor

Porter loves sunbeams and being warm. And twist ties. He loves twist ties. He only sleeps with us on occasion. And when he does, he sleeps down by my feet. When I roll over during the night (which is often), he moves closer until I’m left with only about six inches of room on the edge of the mattress. If I try to (gently) move him over a bit, he can get huffy and sulk away to sleep somewhere else.

Porter is like the cat Mooch in the comic strips “Mutts” when he channels the Big Leboswki (“The Dude abides”). But, he’s also a talker and a bit neurotic. He’s meowing like crazy right as I’m writing this.

And that’s our Porter.