October is the Month for Being Healthier: Days Two, Three and Four

To quote my former colleague at the University of Tennesee – Martin, life was too much with me the last few days. But, I did try to start making some changes towards a healthier lifestyle each day.

Sunday was all about water. One of the best things we ever did was set up home water delivery through Alpine Valley Water. Our water cooler sits in our kitchen right next to the refrigerator so when we go for a can of pop, it’s there to remind us to think about water instead. Having great tasting, cold water available all the time makes a huge difference in my water intake. Next, I plan to get a gallon container so I can start carry it to school with me. Much better than feeding the vending machines at school.

Monday was a bit trickier since I had to stay at school late to give a midterm exam. We had planned on getting up and going to the Y, but we couldn’t drag our sorry butts out of bed in time. We went out to Rock Bottom to celebrate Tom’s new job and that’s where that day’s change kicked in.

As you probably know, Tom and I write a Cincinnati beer blog called Hoperatives. I must admit that my beer intake has greatly increased since we launched the blog. So my healthy change for Monday was establishing a two beer limit. Now, I will admit that my two beers at Rock Bottom were sizeable since I’m a Mug Club member there and my beers come in a larger Mug Club stein. But, now, two is the limit for this month of being healthier.

For today (Tuesday), it was the beginning of eating a bit less. I forgot to pack my lunch so I went to the bakery at school to get something. In the past, this would have meant my usual turkey and swiss stromboli as well as a cookie or two. Today, it was just the stromboli. And I’m proud to say that the only thing I got from the vending machines was a Diet Mountain Dew. (Still need to get that gallon container for water!)

So, four days and four small steps (flu shot, increased water intake, less beer and less food) achieved. An early morning meeting may prevent getting to the Y tomorrow morning, but you never know…