Off to a Walking Start (Sort of)

If you remember, back in 2009 (when I was thinner and in better shape), I started training to walk the Flying Pig Half Marathon. A chest cold ended up ending my journey that year, but I did like the experience. I just couldn’t get my butt off the couch to do it.

Flash forward to about ten days ago. While sitting on the balcony of our studio room at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas, I got an email that I had been waiting for. I was accepted to attend the EarMarked Agent Education Program at Disneyland. I had done the program back in 2005, but a lot had changed at Disneyland since then and I needed to brush up on Disneyland and Southern California in order to help clients wanting to visit there. And I was excited to be rooming with one of my colleagues from The Magic For Less Travel.

Then, I saw the reminder in the email: “Special note: We will be walking a lot; please wear comfortable shoes!” Oh, yeah… There was a lot of walking last time. But I weigh more than I did then and haven’t been going to the pool much lately. Time to do something about that!

For years now, I’ve been collecting walking apps on first my iPod and then my iPhone. I had them neatly organized in a folder, but I had never used them. Today, I finally did and here’s what I discovered:

1) I decided to go with the Ease into 5K app from BlueFin Software. To be truthful, it had been on my iPod/iPhone the longest and felt like I should take them in order.

2) iCloud on iOS devices is evil. Even though I had indicated which playlist I wanted to use with Ease Into 5K, the walking app couldn’t find it because it was “in the cloud.” I ended up fixing this problem by turning off both iCloud and iTunes Match on my iPhone.

3) Somehow, about half way through my Week 1, Day 1 workout, I did something that turned off the Ease into 5K app. I didn’t figure it out for a whole since I was just getting the prompts every 60 or 90 seconds. I’m moving my iPhone to a case with a cover that my iPod was in and hopefully that (and having music) will help with that. Rats! It doesn’t fit. I’ll see how the regular case works tomorrow.

I’m glad to say that my current workout clothes worked fine with the exception of my shoes. I wore my most broken in pair of New Balance shoes (my tan ones), but the shoe laces have a tendency to come untied. They did so twice on my short walk today. My white New Balance shoes are the least broken in, but at least the shoe laces stay tied. I’ll be switching to them tomorrow.

So, there it is… a start. Hopefully, with this being the summer semester at school and my lighter workload semester, I can continue. It felt good to start and, hopefully, it will continue that way. Less than five weeks until Disneyland!

— Carla

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