Saturday Sayings: Einstein or Not?

Einstein quote

A friend of mine sent me this quote many, many years ago. It’s been so long that I don’t even remember who exactly it was so I can’t ask them where they got the image from. I pinned it on Pinterest over two years ago and it’s been re-pinned over 300 times.

So, when I was working on this week’s Saturday Sayings, I thought of this quote. But, after last week’s Mark Twain misattribution, I thought I had better check Quote Investigator again. You got it… the quote (and many variations on it) were said by just about everyone but Albert Einstein. Though the Quote Investigator discussion doesn’t mention it, I personally believe that people are more likely to believe that Einstein said something to this effect because of the popular misconception that he had a learning disability.

The sentiment is nice, but thanks to a 2004 self help book author, it was woefully misattributed.