Twist App Alternatives

It turns out that there are lots and lots of folks looking for Twist App alternatives just like me. I’ve been trying several possible replacements out, but each has its own problems.

1. cursor42 was mentioned by its developer in a comment on my original post noting that Twist had shut down. In this app, you set up meets or you can join an existing meet. The problem is that you are tell the app when you are going to arrive. That can be a big problem if you hit unexpected traffic or other delays. After you create the meet, you have to share an invite code “to allow others to join your meet”. You can text it, email it or a few other options. Sending it to someone else’s cursor42 app is not an option. And, if you don’t upgrade to the premium version, the code can only be used by one person. There are also ads on the free version. Sorry, Chris. Just can’t recommend this one.


2. en route was the next app we tried out. The user interface is… odd. It draws from your calendar and the receiver has to accept or nothing happens. All in all, it’s just too many steps and if old routes aren’t deleted, they can cause problems. We had planned on writing a more in-depth review, but Tom got so frustrated with en route’s weirdness that he deleted it from his phone.

en route   en route 2

3. beebump was another one mentioned. One look at it and all I have to say is “no”. I couldn’t even bring myself to install it to get screen shots of it.

4. Glympse – And we’re back where we started. It was the location sharing app that we used before we found Twist. It’s been updating several times since I reviewed it last year and it works even better now. While it’s not as slick as Twist was, it’s still the best alternative out there for now.


Twist App Shuts Down as of 4/1/14

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At first, it seemed like a cruel April Fools joke when the following message appeared on the Twist Facebook fan page:

Twist App Shuts Down

But, that announcement was the only official word that the Twist app was shutting down. The next day, Andy Ihnatko (“Chicago Sun-Times technology columnist and Internationally Beloved Industry Figure”) tweeted, “Looks like @MyTwist is dead. Their servers are down and the app’s not available in the iTunes/Play stores. Pouring out a 404…”. There was a glimmer of hope that perhaps they had been purchased, but later in the day, Andy’s contact at Twist confirmed our fears. As Andy put it, “yup, the app’s dead.” Then the web site was taken down and the app was removed from both the iOS App Store and the Google Play store.

I about had to sit down when I heard the news. We had just introduced my college student nephew to the joys of Twist last weekend. Throughout this horrible winter, the last words to my husband each morning as I was heading to work were always, “I love you and I’ll send you a Twist to let you know I got there.”

So what now? The Twist app is still on your iOS and Android devices if you already had it. But, when you try to set up a Twist, you will eventually get the message like the one below:

Twist App Not Working

I know I should just delete it, but I keep hoping it will come make somehow, some way.

I wrote my review comparing Twist to its not-quite-the-same competitor Glympse last June. Since then, it has consistently been the most popular post on Other posts have had more visits in one day, but none were so consistent in their views as that one post. There are a lot of people still interested in using this app and many of them went to check it out from here. I’m sure a lot of those Twist app users would be happy to pay for the app if it came back.

In the mean time, it’s back to Glympse for me. But I’d switch back to Twist or a Twist clone in a heart beat.

— Carla