Target Does Email and Twitter Wrong

I love Target. Really, I do. I just placed an online order with them yesterday. My financial planner even recommends doing the bulk of our grocery shopping at Target so we can save 5% with our Red Cards. Yep, my husband and I both have Target Red Cards. But, sometimes Target does both email and Twitter wrong.

But one thing has been bugging me for a while. While most of the email newsletter (okay, ads) that I would get from Target would fine (maybe even informative), I started getting their weekly baby ads. That seemed odd since I don’t have kids and, at 51, never plan to have any. But then I remembered that a year ago I ordered a baby gift from a Target gift registry. And that’s when the baby emails started. I looked on the email to see how to opt out of the baby emails. Nope, it was either all or none. I checked the Target web site. Same thing – either all of the email ad they wanted to send me or none.

So I tried Twitter. Here’s the conversation I had with someone at Target on Twitter (you can click on the image for a larger version of the screen shot):

Target Does Twitter Wrong

Frustrated, I did what they wanted and opted out of all email communication from Target. It was so disappointing. The next replies from the AskTarget Twitter were no more helpful.

Target Does Email and Twitter Wrong #2

I did sign up for the weekly ad reminders again, but I was very careful to uncheck the box that said “yes, please also email me additional offers, exclusives and promotions from Target.”

In a world where there is all kind of customization available, how hard is it to let consumers choose what information they want to get from a company? It’s not and Target needs to learn that lesson fast.

And, Target? My first name is Carla. Not whatever was in the “hello” box when I went to sign up for the weekly ad reminders.

Target Does Twitter Wrong 3

— Carla