The Joys of Live Chat for Customer Service

Like most people, I really don’t like calling large companies to try to get something resolved. With all of the outsourcing of these phone bank jobs and the “push 1 for…” phone trees, it never seems to go well and I ended up hanging up the phone in frustration. And when I’m trying to take care of something in between classes, I can’t be on hold for a long time.

Recently, instead of picking up the phone, I’ve been going to the company’s web site and seeing if they offer a live chat option. Two of the last three times I’ve done this, the issue I had was solved in less than ten minutes. The one that took longer was a bit more complicated, but the customer service rep I was chatting with updated me frequently so I never felt like she had forgotten me.

So, kudos and many thanks to companies like PNC and Walgreens for making live chat an option. It’s a good use of technology to make their customers’ lives a little easier.

— Carla