Twist App Shuts Down as of 4/1/14

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At first, it seemed like a cruel April Fools joke when the following message appeared on the Twist Facebook fan page:

Twist App Shuts Down

But, that announcement was the only official word that the Twist app was shutting down. The next day, Andy Ihnatko (“Chicago Sun-Times technology columnist and Internationally Beloved Industry Figure”) tweeted, “Looks like @MyTwist is dead. Their servers are down and the app’s not available in the iTunes/Play stores. Pouring out a 404…”. There was a glimmer of hope that perhaps they had been purchased, but later in the day, Andy’s contact at Twist confirmed our fears. As Andy put it, “yup, the app’s dead.” Then the web site was taken down and the app was removed from both the iOS App Store and the Google Play store.

I about had to sit down when I heard the news. We had just introduced my college student nephew to the joys of Twist last weekend. Throughout this horrible winter, the last words to my husband each morning as I was heading to work were always, “I love you and I’ll send you a Twist to let you know I got there.”

So what now? The Twist app is still on your iOS and Android devices if you already had it. But, when you try to set up a Twist, you will eventually get the message like the one below:

Twist App Not Working

I know I should just delete it, but I keep hoping it will come make somehow, some way.

I wrote my review comparing Twist to its not-quite-the-same competitor Glympse last June. Since then, it has consistently been the most popular post on Other posts have had more visits in one day, but none were so consistent in their views as that one post. There are a lot of people still interested in using this app and many of them went to check it out from here. I’m sure a lot of those Twist app users would be happy to pay for the app if it came back.

In the mean time, it’s back to Glympse for me. But I’d switch back to Twist or a Twist clone in a heart beat.

— Carla

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  1. Weird that such a popular app had to die. I guess popularity != monetization.

    Don’t fret about deleting it though. Even though it has gone from the App store, you can still download it again from your “Purchased” apps list. (Not that there’s much point unless, as you said, it comes back somehow, some way.)

  2. How, how can we get them back? We used this app EVERY day. My family would pay money for every piece of electronics it resides on to have it back and let me assure you that this family of five has a lot. I’m not saying one for the whole family. One for every device. That’s how much we MISS it. Nothing compares. Why, why?? ;(

    1. Lisa,

      No one seems to know. They even discussed it on a recent episode of Mac Break Weekly and Andy Ihnatko had no more information than what I posted. We’re still trying out alternatives, but nothing is a slick and easy to use as Twist was.


  3. I was also upset because my family has used it everyday since it first came out. It was useful as I could watch my teen drivers and know when they arrived safely or coordinate meeting up to any destination.

    The way they shutdown so abruptly makes me wonder if they were purchased by Apple. My hopes are that this is what happened and that it would be integrated into Apple’s upcoming version of the Maps app.

  4. We miss this app SO MUCH! We too used it EVERY DAY!! Please someone bring it back!! We would gladly pay for it. I do not like Glympse.

  5. Family, Friends, AND My real estate Business ALL miss this app!
    A TOP 10 and even TOP 5 APP on my list pushing out to millions in NYC alone.
    “I’ll send you a twist!” was spoken multiple times a day and made life easier in a real way. There’s a $1MM+ easy waiting to be had – BRING IT BACK – WE’LL PAY!!!

  6. This is a strange thing to beg, but I am begging. Please bring this app back, like others I used this app EVERY DAY 7 DAYS A WEEK. I have never used an app so much. What about this, is there a way to start a campaign to make Apple buy this, am I crazy. The only app used more for me is texting/message, but that’s only because of send and reply. Twist is by far the best utility and for me, family and friends the most useful app. Please someone stop me, I’m just babbling here as I fall into a stoop of delusion, of trying to deal with the withdrawals of no TWIST. HELP ❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️

  7. I’m disappointed too, but I think they shot themselves in the foot… I mean, all the people I sent ‘twists’ too, seemed to get annoyed by it, thinking it was some kind of marketing scam. I also didn’t like the way, it constantly sold itself and that I couldn’t affect the message it sent to my receivers… “want to see when Mick will arrive?… you should download twist…. etc….”. Too heavy handed on the sell. But having said that, I appreciate it was a ‘free’ app… So I too, would be happy to pay for it, if I could customize it in a way to not ‘bug’ people about buying into it… just to give them information…. It was a very handy app in some circumstances…. but it had a lot of ‘kinks’ too…. Maybe because I’m in Australia?….

  8. I believe they were sued into oblivion by Glympse like another very punishing upstart in 2011, EnRoute.

    When EnRoute was abruptly killed the founder hinted that they weren’t able to fight another big player and were arm twisted into giving up. He never revealed the name of the company except that it was their biggest established competitor which was obviously Glympse.

    Twist was shaking up to be truly innovative for what it’s worth. I had a few conversations with Mike Belshe regarding optimizations on the app but after a point he abruptly stopped replying and then the company went silent on all fronts indefinitely. That’s when I feared the worst from a déjà vu scenario if EnRoute.

    1. Do you know that Glympse sued them for a FACT?

      You stated that you ,believed this to be true’. What is your source of this statement?

      1. Why did it matter anymore? I don’t have proof but Glympse is very protective and funded by a powerful VCs.

  9. I used twist everytime I traveled…I really miss it. Had several family members who used it as well.
    WE MISS It and hope someone will bring it back!!

    1. Not only will I pay for it maybe even as much as $10 I will also pay for every family member and close friend to use it just to bring it back please please did I say please please bring this app back. “Glymps” is okay but not as good.

      Also is there any feasible update from anywhere or we just a few lost kids crying in the woods is it any chance this app can come back

  10. I used this app a lot.

    I suspect nasty companies like Google to have bought it to either poach the smart nerds (programmers) who wrote TWIST or to simply shut it down. Maybe so that we will use Google Maps.

    Yes, Google bought BUMP simply to get the smart programmers. Then they shut BUMP down.

    1. Nasty companies like Google? You are quick to judge and clueless. If anything, Bump was desperate to sell themselves and Google has started to incorporate their technology in 5.0

      Things don’t always pan out your way. Get some perspective.

      1. Unlike Bump, Twist was a well designed and executed application that worked flawlessly. Grumps doesn’t come close. A true shame to loose such a great app. So many apps have gimmicks to make up for the shortfalls. Twist was superb in every way and worked just as it should. No smoke and mirrors

        1. I agree. Twist had more intelligence under the hood even though the graphic engine underneath for UI could have been better.

  11. Checkout Vent – What’s your ETA? –
    It just got launched recently and is very similar to Twist. I have been using it for 3-4 days now and it seems pretty good.
    2 things I am loving about this app:
    – It lets me create events in advance and automatically gets triggered at the time of the event.
    – It doesn’t share your location

  12. I used Twist all the time, but have been using Waze lately.

    You can share your drive with it, and it updates traffic through it’s users.

    Give it a try. It took a few times, but I love it now.


    1. That’s what we’ve pretty much settled on after trying many other options. One thing we’ve learned is that Waze wants to be “top” app running. I have to start my podcast catcher or Audible first and then Waze or the person I shared the drive with loses track of me.

  13. We have rebranded Vent to “SyncUp – What’s your ETA?”

    Like a comment on this thread points out, we don’t share your location with other users and you create an event with a particular time (date/time selection screen populates with current date/time but allows you to change it to be in future.).

    You create an event let us say for lunch tomorrow and your friend accepts it then each others ETA are shared 1 hour before the event to till they arrive at the event location or till one hour after the event start time. When a person leaves for the event location or arrives at the event location notification is send to the other person(s).

    The major benefit of the app is that using it avoids manual back and forth messages between participants, avoids texting while driving or speeding if you are running late. It avoids anxious wait times as you have visibility into each others ETA in the app. What I see that mostly folks start synchronizing their arrival using the alerts and ETA information in the app.

    Please send us your feedback on whether it meets your use case or not. We can then refine the app based on your feedback.

    Manish Maheshwari
    Founder, SyncUp

    1. We’ll give it another try, but what we miss from the Twist app is letting one person know when the other will arrive, like if I driving from work to home and my husband is already home.

      1. Thanks so much for replying!

        We have recurring events. So if you have event for 6 pm everyday then event is active between 5 and 7. So you won’t even have to open the app. If one day the time changes when you will leave for home then just change time that is it.

        We are currently part of a start up accelarator/incubator FounderSpace and as part of process we are talking to customers to ensure product fit. I would love to talk to you on phone to see how we can support your use case fully into our product. While discussing we may stumble upon a new automated way of doing this.

        Manish Maheshwari

    2. What I do not like about SyncUp is that when my daughter is driving from Las Cruces to Denver I don’t know where she is along the way – i.e. I WANT it to share her location.

      Twist was just the absolute best app ever and I so wish it would come back or someone would make something just like it. You told it where you were going and who you wanted to notify and off you went. No creating events, no accepting invitations…

      1. Deegee,

        Glympse and Glympse Express do what you’re saying. The latter faster than the former.

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