Walking – Day Two

For starters, I got through the entire work out today. YAY! I had to wear my grey shoes because my white New Balance 505 shoes felt too tight. I’m going to try loosening the shoe laces and wearing around the house for a while before I try doing my walking workout in them. I did end up having to double knot the laces on the grey New Balance 646 shoes because each of them came untied at some point on the walk.

The Ease into 5K app worked perfectly today. I did tweak the settings a bit for Saturday’s walk. I think I’ll really get a better idea of how it’s working then. It was so nice to have the music playlist work this time. I’ll be posting about my walking playlist some time in the future.

Another change for Saturday is my route. When I was training for the Half Pig in 2009, I created a walking route near where I live. There’s a decent incline included in the last part of the loop that would line up right before I would start my cool down. Worked great for that route. But, the Ease Into 5K is timed so I was hitting the uphill incline during a running (walk fast for me) segment. Not good. So I’m going to try sticking to the three little loops that are before the big incline.

There is something special about the second time you actually work out. It is so easy to quit after the first one. So I was very glad to get this one under my belt.

— Carla