Walking: Slow Re-Start

July was a rough month for our household. It seemed like life threw everything it could at us at once. Between trips to Atlanta (unexpected) and New England (planned months ago), we put over 3,000 miles on Tom’s CRV in twelve days. The last few days of July were spent recuperating from all that traveling. I hadn’t really done any real walking since the Disneyland training trip in June, so August became a slow re-start for my walking.

As much as I love the Ease into 5K app, I had run into a problem with it that is more an Apple issue than the app’s. When I walk, I prefer to listen to podcasts or audio books rather than music. I think some of it is linked to the fact that when I worked in radio, music was part of the job. So music often reminds me of working. Because Apple decided to create their own (awful) Podcast app, having podcast playlists in iTunes wasn’t possible for a while. Apple now lets you create playlists for your podcasts again, but they don’t show up on your iPhone or iPod which kind of defeats the purpose for most folks.

So, instead of using the Ease into 5K app, I set a timer on my phone for 30 minutes and then started my Downcast app to listen to my podcasts. The best was when I had about 30 minutes of “Wait, Wait… Don’t Tell Me!” left so I knew by what segment it was how much time I had left.

On Tuesday and Thursday, I got in 30 minutes of walking in. I have no idea what speed I was walking at or exactly how many calories I burned. I have a rough idea on the number of steps and calories burned from my FitBit Flex (which I will be reviewing soon). I hope to get out again tomorrow for three times this week.

My plan is to get comfortable again with walking and then maybe try the Ease into 5K app again. I’m currently testing a Blackberry Q10 for a future review and I may try playing podcasts on it while running the 5K app on my iPhone. That should be interesting!

— Carla